Stolen Redline – New Fuji ‘cross bike

This is a story about loving a bike, loosing it and then getting a replacement that works okay, but just isn’t the same.

Okay, so a couple days after returning from Ironman Saint George, I go riding with my daughter to do some errands. I’m using my new Redline cross bike, which I just love. I try to find errands to do on it. My legs are still a little sore from the Saint George bike course but it still feels good to get back on a bike. We come back and I work on her bike a little, which has a couple stretched cables and the cassette limit screws need to be adjusted. I then put a U-lock on my Redline and hang it in the garage.

The next morning I go out to the garage to get it and… it’s gone.
The garage is closed but no bike. So I walk around the outside of the house, call my wife to ask her if she saw it, etc. She said she didn’t notice the bike when she left in the morning but the garage door was open. So I send an email to the neighborhood listserver and file a stolen bike report.

After a couple days, I get a call from the police stolen bicycle liason. I had previously registered the bike so they have all the necessary records (model, owner, serial number.) She said stolen bike activity is up recently and they will keep an eye out for it. If it doesn’t turn up in a day or two it is almost certainly gone.

Yes, that was a bummer.

I wait for a week, during which I either have to walk places or drive a car. I hate to drive around in Arlington for two reasons: 1) my aversion to the combination of gas/auto expense, environmental impact and sitting immobile when I could be exercising and 2) my irritation with sitting in traffic and finding a parking space when I can breeze through all of that and lock my bike anywhere.

So with no hint of my bike returning, I went back online and bought a new cross bike on closeout from Performance Bikes. It’s a 2009 Fuji Comp Cross.
The 30mm tires can’t go through the same muck as the Redline Bulldogs (haven’t tried packed snow yet.) And it doesn’t seem to climb as well as the Redline. The ride is nowhere near as comfortable.

But, it meets all my original guidelines. And it will not be as much of a target as the Redline. I just wish I hadn’t experience the Redline ride first.

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