Redline Conquest Pro ‘Cross Bike

I finally selected a good cyclocross bike for my all-purpose needs by monitoring ebay for a couple days and reading reviews on possible bikes. My original plan was to purchase a used cyclocross bike with fat tires and then buy a second wheelset with road tires. The fat tires would be for every day commuting in varying terrain. I could switch to the second wheelset for long rides.

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Selling my Orbea

In executing my master plan to sell my commuter and beater bikes and then buy a cyclocross bike, I have taken step one by cleaning up my Orbea Zonal and listing it on craigslist. The weird thing I find about bikes is, in buying a used one, the price always seems high. But in selling one, I added up all the crap I bought for it and I can’t believe I’m listing it for THAT low.

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